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Top 10 Reasons I Sleep with My iPad 2

As one of the authors of The iPad 2 Project Book, I am often asked how much I like my iPad. Let me just say that we're more than good friends.

Yes, I sleep with my iPad, and, no, there's nothing wrong with that. Here are the top ten reasons that I sleep with my iPad:

10. Reading under the covers without a flashlight.
9. Netflix on the pillow is tastier than a chocolate mint.
8. Sleep-timer apps and my music library.
7. My iPad 2 doesn't steal the covers.
6. Angry Birds after dark!
5. Late-night Facebooking.
4. Even later-night tweeting.
3. Using IMDB so I don't lie awake trying to remember who that guy was
in that movie.
2. Being able to dictate my 3AM brilliant idea (anyone know what I
meant by "cheese corsages"?).
1. My iPad 2 doesn't snore.