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Transitioning to Digital

By  Aug 25, 2009

Topics: Digital Photography

Question: Coming from a film background... how hard was it to make the transition to digital workflow?  What did digital make easy?  What is your biggest challenge with digital?

Answer: Working with a digital camera was an easy transition. The Nikon film cameras I was using felt pretty much the same as the digital camera I all-of-a-sudden had in my hands. No real differences, lots of similarities. The hardest part of digital for me, and I suspect lots of shooters, is the aftermath of the shoot. What to do with the files, how to store, how to not spend hours in the digital darkroom which saps your spirit, drains your money, and is generally, for me, a buzz kill. I think that is our biggest challenge. Keeping up with the technology, and making sure the studio doesn’t get bogged down in the digital swamp.

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