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User Group of the Month Q&A: New York InDesign User Group

By  Feb 19, 2013

Topics: Design, Adobe InDesign

Each month we will select one User Group that has been exceptional in their communication with meeting updates, giveaway requests and book reviews and ask them to share some insights and tips with us. This week, we turn the spotlight on New York InDesign User Group as our UG of the Month!

Peachpit: As a quick intro, give us a quick background history of your user group. 

The New York InDesign User Group was founded in 2001, just before the release of InDesign 2.0. Today we have over 3,000 registered members, meeting four times a year.

Peachpit: What type of format do you use for your user group meetings? 

We typically have two guest speakers. Following the last speaker we conclude the evening with a raffle of gifts generously supplied by industry supporters.

Peachpit: What have you found works best in terms of hosting an informational and interesting meeting? What are a few tips that your user group has learned that you can share with other groups? 

We avoid meetings on Mondays and Fridays. We also try to guarantee a mix of speakers and topics to appeal to both beginners and experts.

Peachpit: Let's talk logistics - How many members do you have? How do you communicate? (Weekly emails, newsletters, events, social media pages, forums?)

Over 3,000 members. We communicate by sending emails blasts to all members announcing the upcoming meeting approximately 3-4 weeks before each meeting.

Peachpit: Can you share with us any enjoyable or exciting user group experiences that stick out most from this past year? What does your group have planned for 2013?  Any special guests or events lined up?

The biggest meeting in the past year was our Creative Suite 6 meeting held in April of 2012. The event began in the early afternoon and wrapped up around 6p that evening. Presentations were given by a variety of expert speakers and authorities.

Peachpit: Member appreciation time! Take this space to highlight one extraordinary member of your group and tell us what makes them stand out.

Our outstanding member is Betty Sperber. Betty is now a co-chapter representative of the New York InDesign User Group. Before Betty became a co-chapter rep, she worked tirelessly as a volunteer member organizing the meetings, raffle distribution, and working with the venues to facilitate a smooth event.

Peachpit: And finally, what is one Peachpit title your group can't live without and why? 

Actually there are two: Real World Adobe InDesign CS6, by David Blatner, Olav Martin Kvern, and Bob Bringhurst, and InDesign CS6: Visual QuickStart Guide by Sandee Cohen. Both books are written by not only friends of the NY IDUG, but are the best in their class for learning Adobe InDesign. Must haves; both.