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What Makes You a Good Photographer?

By  Oct 20, 2009

Topics: Digital Photography

Question: I want to know what inspires you and what makes you a good photographer?

Answer: This is actually a book, not an answer to a question. I need to express my imagination, and I am relentlessly curious. I am also not an office person, and like to be in the mix of the world. When I first picked up a camera, I found all the things in my head, heart, and hands could be at least somewhat expressed visually, if I kept a camera in my hands a lot of the time. Hence, I determined really quickly that I would plunge ahead and see if I could make a career as a shooter stick. As far as what makes me a good shooter, it kind of rotates all around the block. (And frankly, sometimes, I am not a very good photographer.) But I do enjoy the intensity, the human connections one has to make, the unique access and experiences you can generate as a photographer. I like telling stories, and that’s what I do when I shoot pictures. I also have worked hard at getting the basics of photography and its relationship to light in my head and I am always trying to expand them. I like the sense of adventure, and I look forward, always, to my next set of pictures. Guess that’s what keeps me going.

I’m also a tenacious son of a bitch. 

Ask me a question so I can answer it in a future post on this blog.

Best, Joe