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iChat Theater, Five Mac Tips in Five Days, Part 4

By  Jul 17, 2008

Topics: Apple, Operating Systems

This is an amazing feature in iChat: You can show files, photos, slideshows, or movies while video-chatting with a friend or coworker.

During a video chat, simply drag any file, photo (or a collection of files or photos), or movie from your hard disk and drag it on top of the video chat window. You'll see two options appear in the iChat window: "Send to [Buddy]" and "Share with iChat Theater." Drop the file or files directly on top of the option you want—in this case, the iChat Theater option.

Your buddy’s image gets resized to the corner and the file or movie takes center place.

At the same time, iChat opens a file window on your screen that allows you to scroll through the same multipage document as your buddy watches, or you can play or pause the movie, or show the next or previous image in the slideshow in the chat window. All this time, you are talking to and seeing each other!

You can even share iPhoto photos or entire events: Just drag a photo, a collection of photos, or an entire Event and drop it on the iChat video window.

To share an album from iPhoto, go to the iChat File menu and choose “Share iPhoto With iChat Theater…,” then choose an iPhoto album from the window that appears. Amazing.

Check back here each day this week for more Mac OS X Leopard tips.

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