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 Robin Williams and John Tollett

Finger Painting for Fun & Profit

By Robin Williams and John TollettMar 15, 2012

You don’t have to have drawing skills to be a designer. But most good designers have developed some illustration skills that are useful for many different projects.

Ben Waldie

Mac Productivity: Quick Scripts and Workflows - Archiving Selected Mail Messages

By Ben WaldieMar 12, 2012

Keeping up with email often seems like a losing battle.  One thing that can help is reducing the number of messages in your inbox.  Filing messages into individual mailboxes can be time consuming and inefficient.  While dumping them all into a single mailbox may seem like a way to create a big mess, Mail’s search capabilities actually make it quite easy to locate specific messages.

 Robin Williams and John Tollett

Calligraphic Inspiration

By Robin Williams and John TollettMar 2, 2012

You know how sometimes you walk around town and you wander into a 1,600 year old building and suddenly get inspired about graphic design?

 Robin Williams and John Tollett

Type Obsession

By Robin Williams and John TollettFeb 15, 2012

If you have an interest in design at all, one the first things you become aware of, graphically speaking, is type. Type on signs, type on billboards, type in ads and brochures, type everywhere. If you're brand new to design, this typographic awareness can be disconcerting.

 Robin Williams and John Tollett

Blogging, Drawing, and Teaching in London

By Robin Williams and John TollettFeb 1, 2012

Robin and I are in London for a couple of months while she teaches a module in the Shakespeare studies curriculum at a West London University, Brunel. Yes, Shakespeare, not design or typography. I know, she freaks me out too.

 Robin Williams and John Tollett

Non-Designers Blog, London Edition

By Robin Williams and John TollettJan 16, 2012

For the next couple of months we’ll be blogging from London. We’ve got a MacBook Pro, a MacBook Air, an iMac, two iPads, two iPhones, a UK Orange mobile phone, and the flat we’re renting has a decent Wi-Fi connection. If we can keep all the batteries charged up, we should be in good shape.

 Robin Williams and John Tollett

Have a Happy, InDesignful, Illustratorish, Photoshoppy New Year!

By Robin Williams and John TollettJan 3, 2012

As The Steve Miller Band sang, “Time keeps on slipping into the future.” But is it really a good idea to have an automatic Time upgrade at this time every year?

 Robin Williams and John Tollett

Everyone, Sing Along: All I Want for Christmas Is a Free Cool Font?

By Robin Williams and John TollettDec 16, 2011

Designers at any level of experience have at least this one thing in common: font-lust.

 Robin Williams and John Tollett

It's Starting to Look Like a Book Factory Around Here

By Robin Williams and John TollettDec 1, 2011

2011 has been a very fun year for us, especially for those of us who think it’s fun to spend most of our time on a Mac writing about Mac operating systems (Lion, OS X 10.7, to be specific) and cool, amazing software (Adobe’s Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator). In fact, by that criteria, 2011 was just about the most fun we’ve ever had.

Keeping Your Joomla! Web Site Secure

By Marni DerrOct 24, 2011

A Joomla! web site is no more or less secure than any other CMS or custom developed web site. All web sites are vulnerable to malicious attacks, hackers, and spammers if you don't take the necessary steps to protect them. Securing a Joomla web site is as important as it is simple, just follow the checklist outlined in this article.

Lisa Spangenberg

Five iPad 2 Tips in Five Days: Tip 5 - iPad Keyboard Tips Your Mother Never Taught You

By Lisa L. SpangenbergJul 22, 2011

Most iPad owners discover fairly rapidly that tapping the space bar on the onscreen keyboard twice automatically inserts a period, a space, and then capitalizes the next letter you type (as long as you've got these preferences enabled in the General section of your iPad's Preferences). But there are other keyboard shortcuts hidden in the iPad's digital keyboard.

Lisa Spangenberg

Five iPad 2 Tips in Five Days: Tip 4 - Get ePub Books on Your iPad without Using iTunes

By Lisa L. SpangenbergJul 21, 2011

iBooks supports iTunes sharing, and it's pretty easy to copy books to and from your iPad by connecting your iPad to your computer's USB port and sharing the file via iTunes. But it's kind of annoying to have to connect your iPad to your computer every time you download an ePub file. Here are a few additional methods for getting ePub files on your iPad.

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