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Larry Ullman

Easier Coding in Flash Builder

By Larry UllmanJun 10, 2010

Flash Builder, like any good IDE, can facilitate programming in several different ways. By taking advantage of what Flash Builder can do, you can write ActionScript code  more quickly and, most importantly, with better accuracy.

Adobe Flash Catalyst: Under the Hood - Part 5 The Transport

By Victor GavendaJul 2, 2009

In the 5th and final part of this continuing series, guest authors James Polanco and Aaron Pedersen show how the integration of Flash Catalyst and Flash Builder is aided by a common file format.

Adobe Flash Catalyst: Under the Hood - Part 4 Converting & Skinning Components

By Victor GavendaJun 29, 2009

In Part 4 of this continuing series, guest authors James Polanco and Aaron Pedersen show how designers can use Flash Catalyst to convert graphic elements created in Adobe Illustrator into Flex components.

Adobe Flash Catalyst: Under the Hood - Part 3 Design Integration Workflows

By Victor GavendaJun 26, 2009

In Part 3 of this continuing series, guest authors James Polanco and Aaron Pedersen show how Flash Catalyst eases the designer's task of creating user elements for a Flex project.

Adobe Flash Catalyst: Under the Hood - Part 2 The Platform

By Victor GavendaJun 12, 2009

In Part 2 of this continuing series, James Polanco and Aaron Pedersen provide a 30,000-foot overview of the new Flash Platform.

Adobe Flash Catalyst: Under the Hood, Part 1 Introduction

By Victor GavendaJun 2, 2009

Adobe Flash Catalyst is a new tool for Web designers that helps them participate more fully in Flex application development.

Flash Catalyst unveiled at Adobe MAX 2008

By Victor GavendaDec 3, 2008

Adobe MAX is the software giant's biggest annual confab, and is often the venue for new product annoucements. The 2008 installment was no exception.

Flex 3 chapter now posted!

By Victor GavendaMar 7, 2008

Those of you with better memories than mine will recall that last week, I promised that we would soon post some free material from the new book, Adobe Flex 3: Training from the Source. I'm pleased to announce that we've made good on that promise—

Adobe releases Flex 3 and AIR

By Victor GavendaFeb 26, 2008

Long in public beta, the official release versions of Flex 3 and AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) were announced yesterday by Adobe.

Flex 3 Rough Cut Goes Live!

By Victor GavendaOct 18, 2007

At the Adobe MAX 2007 developer conference that I blogged about a couple of weeks ago, the company announced the second version of the public beta of Flex 3.

The authors of our best-selling book on Flex 2, the Adobe Press Flex 2: Training from the Source, have been toiling away on revising their book for Flex 3.

Adobe MAX 2007

By Victor GavendaOct 5, 2007

I just got back from Chicago, where I attended Adobe MAX 2007, the company's annual confab for developers. The bulk of the conference was taken up with hundreds of workshops, hands-on sessions, whiteboard talks and other kinds of presentations, all of which had the 4,300 attendees running from one end of the vast, brand-spanking-new, McCormick Place West convention facility to the other.

All of us came together in one room, however, for two keynote addresses and an evening sneak peek session, during which Adobe announced several new products and initiatives and allowed us a glimpse at future developments.