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Ben Waldie

iOS Productivity: Printing from Your iPhone or iPad via Your Mac

By Ben WaldieSep 3, 2012

AirPrint was introduced with iOS 4.2, and lets you to print right from your iOS device.  Now you can be super productive, right?  Only if you have an AirPrint enabled printer at your disposal.  Although there are hundreds of printers available that support AirPrint these days, what if you're like me, and have older printers that iOS doesn't recognize?  Your Mac can help.

Top 10 Reasons I Sleep with My iPad 2

By Michael E. CohenApr 21, 2011

As one of the authors of The iPad 2 Project Book, I am often asked how much I like my iPad. Let me just say that we're more than good friends.

Elizabeth Castro

Anatomy of an iBooks page on iPad

By Elizabeth CastroApr 8, 2010

I'm trying to figure out how exactly iBooks treats an ePub file: which formatting it preserves and which it ignores. The fact that it ignores any at all, is incredibly short-sighted. Nevertheless, given that limitation, it seems like a good idea to at least quantify what we’re dealing with so that those who wish to design a book can have a safe idea of what it might look like, once it’s on the iPad.

Elizabeth Castro

Wrapping text around images on the iPad

By Elizabeth CastroApr 6, 2010

Yesterday, I noted that Apple's sample Winnie-the-Pooh eBook had text that wrapped around the image at the beginning of each chapter and that I'd like to know how it did that. According to the OPS spec, CSS position properties (like absolute and fixed) are strongly discouraged. I originally interpreted that as applying to the float property as well, but that does not seem to be the case.

Elizabeth Castro

iBooks on the iPad, a first glance

By Elizabeth CastroApr 6, 2010

I've been looking at the iBooks app with an eye toward designing e-books for the iPad, and have a first collection of observations I hope you find useful.

Ben Waldie

Extending Automator: Running Workflows with a Remote

By Ben WaldieApr 23, 2009

Some commercial applications are now making it possible to run your Automator workflows using an Apple Remote or other remote control.