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Jamie Shoup

Adobe Creative Cloud 2017 Released

By Jamie ShoupNov 7, 2016

Adobe announced the newest generation of the Adobe Creative Cloud, its suite of software and Web-based services for the creative community, available immediately.

The IT Professional division of Pearson is excited to align to the announced with a product suite of 8 titles planned for the Creative Cloud (2017 release) from the world’s greatest authors and series from Adobe Press and Peachpit. The new products offer training and inspiration to all user levels and cover a broad range of topics within the Creative Cloud.

Justin Putney

Flash Animation Five Tips in Five Days: Tip 1 - Easing

By Justin PutneySep 20, 2010

All animation is rooted in motion. When an object moves, it generally goes through 2 types of motion: ballistic and honing.

Maria Langer

A Serious Amateur's Guide to Making Movies - Step 6: Publish

By Maria LangerAug 14, 2010

Releasing your creation to the world.

There are several ways you can publish a movie for sharing with others. The method you choose depends on who you want to see it and what their viewing capabilities are.

Maria Langer

A Serious Amateur's Guide to Making Movies - Step 5: Fine-Tune and Complete

By Maria LangerAug 13, 2010

Getting your movie ready for prime time.

At this point, you should have your movie roughly assembled and ready for finishing. This is where you fine-tune edit points and work on elements such as transitions, narration, and music.

Let’s take a look at some of the things you might need to consider.

Maria Langer

A Serious Amateur's Guide to Making Movies - Step 4: Create the Rough Cut

By Maria LangerAug 12, 2010

Assembling the pieces of the story.

If you stuck to the shot list you created in step 2 and acquired all the video you need in step 3, you should be ready to tackle the next step, which is to assemble video clips into a rough cut of your story. This is where you get to try out your non-linear editing skills and test your knowledge of your video editing software.

The purpose of this article is not to explain how to edit video with your software of choice—or mine, for that matter. Instead, I’ll explain the kinds of things you should be thinking about and doing as you assemble the clips.

Maria Langer

A Serious Amateur's Guide to Making Movies - Step 3: Shoot the Video

By Maria LangerAug 11, 2010

Shooting is the process of gathering the building blocks for your movie.

With shot list in hand, and all your other preliminary planning in mind, you’re ready to shoot or acquire the video footage. As you might imagine, this is a critical part of the movie-making process. Your movie can only be as good as the video you build it with.

I can’t instruct you how to use your camera to shoot video. I can, however, provide you with some terms and concepts that you need to consider when shooting. I can also offer some tips for getting the job done effectively. That’s what this part of the series is all about.

Maria Langer

A Serious Amateur's Guide to Making Movies - Step 2: Plan the Shoot(s)

By Maria LangerAug 10, 2010

So you know what you’re doing before you do it.

In Step 1, you came up with a good topic idea and learned more about it. This research should have helped you understand what your story was going to be about.

Maria Langer

A Serious Amateur's Guide to Making Movies - Step 1: Explore the Topic

By Maria LangerAug 9, 2010

Doing your homework first will save time and effort later.

A movie needs a topic. It isn’t enough to just come up with a vague idea and start shooting video. Instead, it’s best to develop a movie topic and spend some time learning about it—before you do anything else.

Ben Waldie

Creating a Microsoft Entourage 2008 Automator workflow

By Ben WaldieApr 29, 2008

This week, I’ll be providing some examples of workflows built with Office 2008’s new Automator actions. Today, I’ll focus on Entourage. The following workflow will create a video greeting, using QuickTime Pro (NOTE: this won’t work with the basic QuickTime Player), and attach it to an outgoing Entourage message, which you can then address and send.