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Top 10 Reasons I Sleep with My iPad 2

By Michael E. CohenApr 21, 2011

As one of the authors of The iPad 2 Project Book, I am often asked how much I like my iPad. Let me just say that we're more than good friends.

Ben Waldie

Extending Automator: Running Workflows with a Remote

By Ben WaldieApr 23, 2009

Some commercial applications are now making it possible to run your Automator workflows using an Apple Remote or other remote control.

Sara Jane Todd

Celebrating the No. 1 computer book author

By Sara Jane ToddFeb 19, 2009

Every January we start to wonder, ‘Was Scott Kelby the No. 1 bestselling computer book author last year again?"

Scott Kelby: No. 1 top-selling computer book author of 2007!

By Ted WaittMar 1, 2008

Earlier this month, Peachpit officially announced that 2007 marked Scott Kelby's fourth year in a row as the No. 1, top-selling computer book author, according to Nielsen BookScan data. A huge congratulations go out to Scott for such an amazing accomplishment and phenomenal year!

iThe icream iof ithe iPod iaccessories iat iMacworld i2008

By Ted WaittJan 18, 2008

Let's be honest: like gremlins multiplying, recent years have found the expo floor at Macworld overrun by mostly mediocre gadgets and cases for your iPod. Here's my take on the three products for your iPod that are actually really cool.