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Ben Waldie

iOS Productivity: Printing from Your iPhone or iPad via Your Mac

By Ben WaldieSep 3, 2012

AirPrint was introduced with iOS 4.2, and lets you to print right from your iOS device.  Now you can be super productive, right?  Only if you have an AirPrint enabled printer at your disposal.  Although there are hundreds of printers available that support AirPrint these days, what if you're like me, and have older printers that iOS doesn't recognize?  Your Mac can help.

Ben Waldie

Mac and iOS Productivity Tip: Keeping Up with the News

By Ben WaldieAug 15, 2012

Staying up to date with your favorite websites and blogs can be a real chore, and a major productivity drain.  If only there was a way to quickly get the latest unread headlines from top sites in one place, at any time, on any devices.  There is.  Available for iPad, iPhone, and Mac is Reeder, the popular Google Reader client.

Ben Waldie

iOS Productivity: Downloading Knowledge Faster

By Ben WaldieAug 6, 2012

Your iPhone and iPad are full of useful knowledge.  You've downloaded tons of audio books, podcasts, and iTunesU content.  The problem is that there just aren't enough hours in the day to download all of it to your brain.  Here's a tip that might help...

Ben Waldie

iOS Productivity: 5 Tips for Locating and Launching Apps Faster

By Ben WaldieJul 23, 2012

Last week, I shared some useful tips for locating and launching apps faster on your Mac.  But what about your iOS devices?  They're full of apps too.  And, with pages and pages of apps, it can be a real pain in the neck to find the one you want.  Here are some tips to help you wade through them.

Ben Waldie

Five iPhone Productivity App Picks in Five Days - RemoteTap

By Ben WaldieFeb 26, 2010

There are now a number of apps available for the iPhone that allow you to remotely access your Mac.  My favorite of these is RemoteTap, for its ease of use, great set of features, and developer responsiveness.

Ben Waldie

Five iPhone Productivity App Picks in Five Days - Pastebot

By Ben WaldieFeb 25, 2010

Text clippings are an important part of my daily iPhone workflow, allowing me to quickly provide detailed common responses to emails while on the go, maintain multiple email signatures, keep track of important phone call notes, and more. Recently, I discovered Pastebot, a handy iPhone clipboard manager that has made a tremendous difference in my iPhone clipping workflow.

Ben Waldie

Five iPhone Productivity App Picks in Five Days - 2Do

By Ben WaldieFeb 24, 2010

For some time now, I've been searching for a ToDo manager that fit my unique workflow.  The key requirements were that I wanted something simple, which allowed me to manage multiple categories of ToDos, and could be integrated with iCal, Mail, and my iPhone. Recently, I found 2Do, a handy app that, so far, seems to fit my needs quite well.

Ben Waldie

Five iPhone Productivity App Picks in Five Days - 1Password

By Ben WaldieFeb 23, 2010

One reason I love my iPhone is that it has significantly reduced the amount of "stuff" I have to carry with me wherever I go.  Sadly, my iPhone can't replace my credit cards, ATM card, and driver's license.  Well, not yet, anyway.  However, with the help of 1Password, it can help to reduce the thickness of my wallet.

Ben Waldie

Five iPhone Productivity App Picks in Five Days - Grocery IQ

By Ben WaldieFeb 22, 2010

Today’s pick is Grocery IQ, a shopping list app from Coupons Inc.  It’s not just your run-of-the-mill shopping list, though.  It’s a shopping assistant, and it has changed the way my wife and I shop for groceries.

Ben Waldie

Extending Automator: Running Workflows with a Remote

By Ben WaldieApr 23, 2009

Some commercial applications are now making it possible to run your Automator workflows using an Apple Remote or other remote control.