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Jason Teague

Expand Your Font Repertoire

By Jason Cranford TeagueNov 30, 2009

Q: Are there alternatives to Arial, Times, and Georgia for Web designers?

The short answer is YES!

The slightly longer answer is that most designers use Arial, Times, or Georgia, and, to a lesser degree, Verdana, Trebuchet MS, Courier, and Comic Sans because they think that’s all they have at their disposal, but they are wrong.

The long answer is that the core Web fonts (the one listed above plus Impact and Web Dings) are used because they are almost guaranteed to be installed on the vast majority of computers your designs are likely to be installed on. One fact of life in Web design is that unless the end user's computer has access to the font file, then the browser cannot use it.

Jason Teague

Ask me, ask me, ask me

By Jason Cranford TeagueJul 1, 2009

Do you have a question about Web standards, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, interaction design, user experience, or Web typography? Maybe you just want to know "How'd they do that?" Ask me questions, and each week I will select a question to answer via my blog.

Kris Hadlock

Default parameter values, Five ActionScript Tips in Five Days, Part 5

By Kris HadlockJul 11, 2008

ActionScript 3 offers a great solution to ensuring that your method parameters have values even when no values are passed. The solution is called default parameter values, which allow you to predefine default values for specific method parameters.

Kris Hadlock

Wilcard parameters, Five ActionScript Tips in Five Days, Part 4

By Kris HadlockJul 10, 2008

Parameters are an essential construct of a method, and the ability to type parameters is of the utmost importance. But what if you are not sure of the value type for a parameter?

Kris Hadlock

LoaderInfo, Five ActionScript Tips in Five Days, Part 3

By Kris HadlockJul 9, 2008

Loading external variables into Flash opens up a whole world of possibility.

Kris Hadlock

Namespaces, Five ActionScript Tips in Five Days, Part 2

By Kris HadlockJul 9, 2008

ActionScript 3 namespace definition keywords are extremely powerful and can really simplify your code.

Kris Hadlock

Label statements, Five ActionScript Tips in Five Days, Part 1

By Kris HadlockJul 7, 2008

There are many little known features in ActionScript 3 that make life easier. The label statement is one of those gems that actually makes programming kind of fun.