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Jamie Shoup

Adobe Creative Cloud 2017 Released

By Jamie ShoupNov 7, 2016

Adobe announced the newest generation of the Adobe Creative Cloud, its suite of software and Web-based services for the creative community, available immediately.

The IT Professional division of Pearson is excited to align to the announced with a product suite of 8 titles planned for the Creative Cloud (2017 release) from the world’s greatest authors and series from Adobe Press and Peachpit. The new products offer training and inspiration to all user levels and cover a broad range of topics within the Creative Cloud.

Larry Ullman

The Text Layout Framework and Flex 4

By Larry UllmanJun 25, 2010

Working with text in Flex 4 has changed significantly thanks to support for the Text Layout Framework (TLF). In this post you'll learn what the TLF is, what it does, and how you use it.

Larry Ullman

Flex 4 Effects

By Larry UllmanJun 24, 2010

Application effects are, of course, nothing more than eye candy, but I think we can all admit that a little eye candy here and there is nothing to be ashamed of. Certainly the folks at Adobe think so, as they upped the effects library in Flex 4. In this post, I discuss the current state of effects in Flex, and how you use them.

Larry Ullman

Making Bookmark-able Flex Applications

By Larry UllmanJun 22, 2010

One of the tricks to Rich Internet Applications is getting them to handle standard user requests in the same way as basic Web pages. One such issue involves making a Flash application respond appropriately when the user uses the back and forward buttons, the browser history, and their bookmarks. I'll tell you exactly how to do that in this post.

Larry Ullman

View States in Flex 4

By Larry UllmanJun 21, 2010

View states provide the Flex developer an easy way to adjust the look and behavior of a Flash application on the fly, normally in response to some user actions. How view states are created and used have changed in Flex 4, for the better. In this post, you'll learn everything you need to know to add view states to your Flex applications.

Larry Ullman

Data/Services in Flash Builder

By Larry UllmanJun 17, 2010

If, like me, you believe that data is the key to a great Rich Internet Application, then the Data/Services tools built into Flash Builder are for you! Check out this post to learn how the new Data/Services panel will help you develop a bug-free client-server application in no time.

Larry Ullman

Custom File Templates in Flash Builder

By Larry UllmanJun 16, 2010

The Flash Builder IDE is a powerful tool, making Flex development that much easier. You can streamline your development process even more by taking a peek into the application's Preferences panels to customize its behavior to suit your style. One tweak that will pay off immediately is to edit the file templates, as I'll explain here.

Larry Ullman

Flash Builder's Network Monitor

By Larry UllmanJun 15, 2010

A wonderful addition to Flash Builder is its Network Monitor, a tool for detailed reporting of all Flex-server communications. The Network Monitor can be used to test, debug, and improve the use of Web services in your Flex applications. You'll learn everything you need to know about this valuable new tool in this post.

Larry Ullman

Using Flash Variables in Flex 4

By Larry UllmanJun 14, 2010

Flash applications can be visually integrated into an HTML page, but they're still technically removed from the rest of the browser. And Flash applications are even further removed from the server, where much of a site's true functionality and dynamism are found. But by using Flash variables, abbreviated flashvars, you can easily bridge these gaps.

Larry Ullman

Time Travel with Flash Builder's Local History

By Larry UllmanJun 11, 2010

Programming is often a matter of writing code, making changes, adding, undoing, and trying old things again, until you've forgotten what's right and what's not. But by using Flash Builder's local history feature, going back in time to earlier versions of your code is no sweat!

Larry Ullman

Easier Coding in Flash Builder

By Larry UllmanJun 10, 2010

Flash Builder, like any good IDE, can facilitate programming in several different ways. By taking advantage of what Flash Builder can do, you can write ActionScript code  more quickly and, most importantly, with better accuracy.