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Ben Waldie

iOS Productivity: Printing from Your iPhone or iPad via Your Mac

By Ben WaldieSep 3, 2012

AirPrint was introduced with iOS 4.2, and lets you to print right from your iOS device.  Now you can be super productive, right?  Only if you have an AirPrint enabled printer at your disposal.  Although there are hundreds of printers available that support AirPrint these days, what if you're like me, and have older printers that iOS doesn't recognize?  Your Mac can help.

Ben Waldie

iOS Productivity: Remotely Access Your Mac with LogMeIn

By Ben WaldieAug 20, 2012

Your ability to accomplish things while on the go is key to your mobile productivity.  You've got tons of great apps on your iPhone or iPad, and probably have some level of access to your important files too, maybe through Dropbox or iCloud.  You can do almost anything, but every now and then, you hit a wall.  Maybe you need to make some emergency changes in an InDesign layout back home, check on the status of your Mac's backup, or dig up tax returns you filed away on your external drive.  If only you could connect to your Mac remotely, take control, and do what you need.  With LogMeIn, you can do exactly that.

Ben Waldie

Mac and iOS Productivity Tip: Keeping Up with the News

By Ben WaldieAug 15, 2012

Staying up to date with your favorite websites and blogs can be a real chore, and a major productivity drain.  If only there was a way to quickly get the latest unread headlines from top sites in one place, at any time, on any devices.  There is.  Available for iPad, iPhone, and Mac is Reeder, the popular Google Reader client.

Ben Waldie

iOS Productivity: Downloading Knowledge Faster

By Ben WaldieAug 6, 2012

Your iPhone and iPad are full of useful knowledge.  You've downloaded tons of audio books, podcasts, and iTunesU content.  The problem is that there just aren't enough hours in the day to download all of it to your brain.  Here's a tip that might help...

Ben Waldie

iOS Productivity: 5 Tips for Locating and Launching Apps Faster

By Ben WaldieJul 23, 2012

Last week, I shared some useful tips for locating and launching apps faster on your Mac.  But what about your iOS devices?  They're full of apps too.  And, with pages and pages of apps, it can be a real pain in the neck to find the one you want.  Here are some tips to help you wade through them.

Lisa Spangenberg

Five iPad 2 Tips in Five Days: Tip 5 - iPad Keyboard Tips Your Mother Never Taught You

By Lisa L. SpangenbergJul 22, 2011

Most iPad owners discover fairly rapidly that tapping the space bar on the onscreen keyboard twice automatically inserts a period, a space, and then capitalizes the next letter you type (as long as you've got these preferences enabled in the General section of your iPad's Preferences). But there are other keyboard shortcuts hidden in the iPad's digital keyboard.

Lisa Spangenberg

Five iPad 2 Tips in Five Days: Tip 4 - Get ePub Books on Your iPad without Using iTunes

By Lisa L. SpangenbergJul 21, 2011

iBooks supports iTunes sharing, and it's pretty easy to copy books to and from your iPad by connecting your iPad to your computer's USB port and sharing the file via iTunes. But it's kind of annoying to have to connect your iPad to your computer every time you download an ePub file. Here are a few additional methods for getting ePub files on your iPad.

Lisa Spangenberg

Five iPad 2 Tips in Five Days: Tip 3 - Set up an iPad without a Credit Card

By Lisa L. SpangenbergJul 20, 2011

When you first set up an iPad, whether with iTunes on a Mac or a PC, your iPad and iTunes will require you to either enter an existing Apple ID, or to immediately create a new free Apple ID. When you create an Apple ID, Apple will require you to link your Apple ID to a payment source. This is typically either PayPal or a credit card. Now, you may not be comfortable with allowing anyone, including Apple, to store your credit card data online. You may not have nor want to have a PayPal account. Or you may be setting up an iPad for an elderly parent, or a child who, while able to benefit from using the iPad in all sorts of ways, doesn't want to or is unable to deal with the various issues that come with online purchasing capability. For example, you probably don't want to give a six-year old child access to your credit card or PayPal account just so she can use her iPad.

Lisa Spangenberg

Five iPad 2 Tips in Five Days: Tip 2 - Stream Your Music and Other Audio with AirPlay

By Lisa L. SpangenbergJul 19, 2011

There's been a fair amount of attention paid to the fact that you can stream video from iPad apps like the CNN app or the TED app to an Apple TV. You probably know that if you have powered Wi-Fi speakers, or an Airport Express, you can stream music from the iPad's iPod app to your stereo or powered speakers via Apple's AirPlay. But what you may not know is that other apps besides the iPod app can use AirPlay to stream audio, and there are a number of nifty apps that do just that.

Lisa Spangenberg

Five iPad 2 Tips in Five Days: Tip 1 - Consolidate Your Apps into Folders

By Lisa L. SpangenbergJul 18, 2011

It doesn't take very long to end up with several iPad screens full of Apps and Web short cuts. Here are a few ways to make find the app you want a little easier.

Dennis Cohen

5 iPad 2 Tips in 5 Days: Tip 5 - Print without an HP Printer

By Dennis R. CohenMay 6, 2011

When Apple first announced AirPrint in the summer of 2010, I was really excited and purchased a Canon wireless printer to be ready for the grand day when I could print from my iPad and iPhone directly. In the meantime, I could print wirelessly from my various Macs and my wife’s PC.

Dennis Cohen

5 iPad 2 Tips in 5 Days: Tip 4 - Be a VJ

By Dennis R. CohenMay 5, 2011

The release of the iPad 2 and iOS 4.3 opened the doors for you to be a video jockey. With the iPad (the iPad 2 is best, but the original iPad will suffice), you can display your iPad video content on a TV in a number of ways.

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