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Web Design Reference Guide

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Online Resources

Last updated Oct 17, 2003.

  • Ajax: A New Approach to Web Applications is the best introduction to the approach and has FAQs at the end of the article.

  • Where can you find Flickr and Apple in the Same Room? Provides inside coverage of the Ajax Summit.

  • Wikipedia defines Ajax, explains the pros and cons and provides resources.

  • The ASP Resource Index. For the ASP and .NET crowd, here you'll find tons of scripts, book recommendations, tutorials, community support, and links to other related sites of interest.

  • DHTMLShock. You can find all kinds of DHTML scripts at this site, along with tutorials, articles, and helpful FAQs concerned with Dynamic HTML and related scripting.

  • For all your scripting needs, whether it be client-side or server-side, open-source or proprietary, this site has very complete scripting options for great interactive features such as portal management, community software, animation, and online games.

  • The JavaScript Source. This Web site provides tons of scripts, tutorials, and everything you need to know to get started using JavaScript today.

  • Matt's Script Archive (MSA). Probably one of the most popular scripting sites on the Web. Here, you'll find Perl and CGI scripts to help you add anything from search to link generators, to randomizers, text counters, and quizzes.

  • PHP Resource Index. Very comprehensive Web site with script collections, documentation, community bulletin boards, and chats for support and resources for ISPs that provide PHP.