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Last updated Oct 17, 2003.

  • Speed Up Your Site, by Andrew King (New Riders, 2003, ISBN: 0735713243). Like the Web Testing Handbook by Steven Splaine, this is another stand-alone gem for the bookshelf. Speed alone is enough to make or break a Web site and this covers everything possible on how to have a faster-than-a-speeding-bullet Web site, including a chapter on graphics optimization. Its companion Web site offers up-to-date and useful information. (Preview this book on Safari.)

  • Sams Teach Yourself SVG in 24 Hours, by Micah Laaker (Sams, 2002, ISBN: 0672322900). This book goes through 24 one-hour lessons on creating SVG, including shapes and symbols. There are four hours worth of lessons from the book available online in four articles. (Preview this book on Safari.)

  • Web Design in a Nutshell, Second Edition, by Jennifer Niederst (O'Reilly, 2001). This is one of the first books I had on my Web design bookshelf because it touches on most of the core components for creating Web sites without a lot of tech lingo. It has a section devoted to graphics. (Preview this book on Safari.)

  • Designing SVG Web Graphics, by Andrew H. Watt (New Riders, 2001, ISBN: 0735711666). This book offers examples for creating SVG graphics including logos, text, animation, and navigation bars so the reader can try creating a Web site and learn from completing the activities. (Preview this book on Safari.)

  • HTML and Web Artistry 2: More Than Code, by Natalie Zee and Susan Harris (New Riders, 2002, ISBN: 0735710295). This book concentrates on the aesthetics and usability of color and type while giving insights into interface and navigational design.