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Web Design Reference Guide

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Online Resources

Last updated Oct 17, 2003.

  • Apple Quicktime. Learn all about Apple Quicktime and related tools, enjoy movie trailers, read about development products, and take advantage of the Quicktime Developer's center, too.

  • Flash Kit. A cool Flash community Web site with tons of resources including tutorials, message boards, conference updates, fonts, sounds, scripts, and even a job listing service.

  • Macromedia Flash Developer Center. The mother lode resource for Flash designers and developers: articles, applications, tutorials, developer forums, and support.

  • "Flash Satay," by Drew Mclellan. This article helps people interested in using Flash and maintaining document conformance.

  • Real. One-stop resource for anyone interested in viewing Real's products for Web audio, video, and SMIL. You can download product demos, visit the developer's site for tutorials, and get feedback and community.

  • A site that shows off Shockwave for the Web. Great "shocked" samples and tons of games, music, photos, film, and animation.

  • World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). If you're into reading specs, check out the W3C's information on SVG and SMIL. Both are XML-based related languages, and the W3C maintains specifications as well as additional resources for each.