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Just the Facts, Ma'am

Last updated Oct 17, 2003.

While doing research for the book, I crossed many sites that referenced, "a study indicated that over 75 percent of shopping carts are abandoned due to poor navigation." I wasn't comfortable using the data without knowing who conducted the study and the methods used. When I first drafted an article about legal issues, several experts pointed that it had inaccurate information. The resources are reliable, but the law is difficult to translate without losing context.

The moral? Use links to back up claims, facts, and statements. Give credit where credit is due. These little things add more credibility to a site.

Following the laws, guidelines, and suggestions for creating content will get your site a step closer to putting cufflinks on eye balls to keep them around longer.

Tip #10: Check your sources.

10 Secrets for Working with Content

  • Keep content concise.

  • Make content scannable.

  • Write objectively.

  • Write for the audience.

  • Validate text visibility.

  • Keep it simple.

  • Use short paragraphs.

  • Be consistent.

  • Proofread, proofread, proofread.

  • Check your sources.