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Last updated Oct 17, 2003.

  • Abyss Web Server — Running a Web server isn't just for hosting a Web site on a computer. It's a great tool for learning .asp, .php, and .cgi scripting. The application is small by server standards and doesn't hog the memory. Expect the basics found in server applications including HTTP, keep-alive, CGI, SSI, index file, aliases, MIME types, and custom error pages support. Those who have yet to make the move into managing a Web server may find this a good place to start before trying the bigger and fancier apps like Apache or IIS.

  • BRS WebWeaver — A small Web server that offers a great starting place for those who want to learn about into Web servers without spending a lot of time on it. The site has forums for support and the server works with PHP and Perl (separate downloads). To get help, first start BRW WebWeaver (File > Start HTTP Server). Once you can open the help file, the steps are clear and supported with figures. I recommend it for those ready to experiment with Web servers.

  • The Apache Software Foundation. The Foundation is a community of developers and users who collaborate on the open-source server. Download the official Apache server and read about current projects.

  • Slashdot's Apache Page provides the latest news relating to Apache.

  • Serverwatch provides a list of available Web servers with news, updates, tutorials, and features for each.

  • Microsoft IIS (Internet Information Server). Microsoft's official Web site for IIS includes news, product information, tools and documentation downloads, and a knowledgebase.

  • .NET Reference Guide, by Jim Mischel, is the guide for things .NET like this one is for Web Design. You may have seen references to Visual Studio .NET and it's confusing for some people because its association with the .NET framework is not readily clear. Read the "What Is .NET" and ".NET Features" to get on track.

  • Windows Server Reference Guide. Resources, articles, newsletters, and a weblog are available in this guide from InformIT along with a section on IIS.

  • Analog is a free log file analyzer, which measures the usage patterns of a Web server. Look at the examples to get a feel for how logs are displayed.

  • Webalizer is also a free log file analyzer.

  • eXTReMe Tracking is a free Web page reporting tool that tracks and supplies the data of the last 20 entries for various statistics.

  • WebTrends is the Cadillac of log file analyzers.