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Web Design Reference Guide

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Last updated Oct 17, 2003.

  • IndigoPerl — Write PERL and PHP scripts using this application, which comes with an integrated, pre-configured Apache. No need to download and configure the Apache Web server and it comes with the MySQL module. The application has a browser-based interface manager using point and click for installing and removing PHP modules. Carefully read the easy installation directions to ensure a clean install. This is recommended for those who want to write scripts without the pains of installing a big, powerful Web server.

  • MetaCollection — It's a collection of PHP and CGI scripts archives for webmaster and developers to boost an interactive and dynamic Web site. In other words, it has links to all the Web sites that provide such scripts. Instead of bookmarking all these sites, use MetaCollection to go where you need.

  • PHP is a project of the Apache Software Foundation. The site offers tutorials, FAQs, links, and mailing lists. It's the first place people go when they leap into PHP.

  • ASP.NET is the place to start when diving into ASP.NET because it comes with a community, tutorials, starter kits, and resources.

  • Microsoft .NET is Microsoft's resource for .NET, which covers what it is, provides resources, highlights, news, and offers downloads.

  • Macromedia ColdFusion is the starting point for getting your feet wet with ColdFusion. To get a taste of it, download a 30-day trial version or tour the showcase to see it in action. If you decide to pursue it, there are the Development Center and Support and Training sections, which provide decent guidance. Macromedia also offers extensions for downloading, some of which are free.

  • The Perl Directory, like the other sites, has articles, resources, and FAQs.

  • JavaServer Pages is Sun's official JSP site offering news, resources, documentation, and downloads.