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Web Programmer/Developer

Last updated Oct 17, 2003.

Web programmers and Web developers use programming languages to create interactive and dynamic Web sites. They also work with databases for storing and retrieving information. This work is on the back-end, behind-the-scenes. If visitors don't notice the functionality, it's an indication of a well-produced back-end.

Instead of just HTML or XHTML, programmers and developers work with PHP, ASP, Java, PERL, XML, ColdFusion, and other technologies, which have been covered in the Server Programming section of this guide.

Without programmers and developers, eBay wouldn't be what it is today. There would be no entering bids, watching auctions, paying for things, or giving feedback. And you could say goodbye to your password-protected accounts. In short, the site would be a collection of words and links with no functionality.

To qualify as a programmer requires learning a programming language or two; using operating systems such as UNIX, Linux, Macs, and Windows; and building databases. The Web programmer and designer might be one person who needs to know HTML, CSS, and a programming language. Job postings often have positions like PHP and MySQL developer, Flash developer, database architect, and Java developer