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Content Developer, Copywriter, Writer, Manager

Last updated Oct 17, 2003.

Organizations are slowly realizing the importance of hiring a writer or content developer to craft the site's content. For a long time, many organizations treated content no differently than brochures and other company collateral. Writing for the Web is not the same as writing for print, just like writing a brochure isn't the same as writing a book.

Content developers create content, which can include text, audio, and video clips. Not only do content developers draft the text found on a site—such as the copy you're reading right now in this guide—they also work with marketers, designers, and developers on applications and site look-and-feel. For instance, say a team was building an interactive game relating to an organization's business. The content developer would work with the team to ensure that the game play, content, and message meshed with the site's goals.

In addition to top-notch writing skills, content developers must also be good communicators as they often work with multiple teams. Many companies also require their content developers to know HTML and understand version control systems, XML, UNIX, and other technologies and applications—especially when a content management system is involved