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Last updated Oct 17, 2003.

Build your own recording studio complete with volume level adjustments, equalization, fades, and normalizing features to manipulate audio files. Delivering audio through the Web involves editing techniques, using quality sources, and selecting the right compression / encoding process. Such software products feature these capabilities to help you deliver quality and fast downloading audio to the Web with special codecs using helper applications like Windows Media Player, QuickTime, RealPlayer, and others.

  • Adobe Audition – Formerly known as Cool Edit offers audio mixing, editing, looping, analysis, and effects processing capabilities. Those using Premiere or other Adobe products for multimedia management would probably appreciate the ease of integration with Audition.

  • Sound Forge – Its user interface is said to be one of the best accompanied with a detailed online help file. As expected with an audio product, it comes with tools for recording and manipulating sounds, processing, creating streaming files, and adding effects. Formerly owned by Sonic Foundry, Sound Forge is now under Sony Pictures.

  • BIAS Peak – The Mac-based software has the same basic tools for sound manipulation and its newest version has CD burning, support for Audio Units plug-ins, and the ability to apply recorded room ambience to an audio file.