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Web Design Reference Guide

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Last updated Oct 17, 2003.

  • w3compiler — This tool crunches code to enable faster downloading to save on bandwidth, save on costs associated with bandwidth use, and avoid losing visitors due to long wait times. It optimizes CSS, JavaScript, markup, and file names.

  • WAPemulator — Browse WAP sites through your Web browser to see what it's like to surf with a cell phone. This is useful for Web designers in seeing what it is like to surf a Web site through this means. Go to the Free Edition emulator and do a search to find sites you'd like to view through the "phone." Navigating through a phone is tedious, so try going to search options and tell it to search the mobile Web to find sites optimized for mobile surfing.

  • Super Simple RSS (SSRSS) — Many people won't read content from a site unless it's available through an RSS feed. Though some applications automatically create the RSS feed, the capability is not readily available. Instead, you roll your own RSS feed using SSRSS. SSRSS is for people who have content on Web sites they would like to get in RSS format for syndicating.

  • Web Developer Extension for Mozilla and Firefox — I use this all the time. The extension adds a menu and a toolbar to Mozilla and Firefox browsers with various Web developer tools. It's a fabulous tool for learning and doing development work. Install the extension by clicking on the download link and following the dialog boxes as with installing any extension.

  • CatsCradle — This is a Web page editor for translating whole Web sites without dealing with layouts and HTML code. Open a Web page to get a list of the text type (text, image, keywords, description etc.), source text, and target text. The HTML code is untouched and you can preview the work using the preview button. It doesn't do the translation; humans still have to do the dirty work.