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Web Design Reference Guide

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Last updated Oct 17, 2003.

The Web is a gold mine for Web designers and those interested in Web design as there are many Web sites offering tips and tricks related to software products and the practice of Web design. This list is a handful of the quality sites and examples that we visit often. If you want more, go to your favorite search engine and enter keywords such as web design, html, xhtml, css, web standards, and so on.

  • ColorMatch Remix — When playing with this tool, you feel like a disc jockey only that instead of playing music, you're playing color. Start with a predefined theme or just move the tabs till you find something you like. You can export your creation as a Photoshop .ACT file so you can import it into the software and use it. In Photoshop, select Swatches and Load Swatches. Be sure the file type is set for Color Table (*.ACT) and select the file you saved from ColorMatch Remix. The new colors join the existing swatch colors.

  • InformIT Photoshop Reference Guide. This is another guide like the one you're reading except its focus is on Photoshop. Under Web Design with ImageReady, you'll find an article on optimization. The host, Tony Arguelles, takes you on a tour of the world of Photoshop.

  • InformIT Flash Reference Guide. Get the latest information on Flash and take a look at the Exporting and Optimization section of the guide to learn how to optimize Flash delivery over the Internet. Matthew David, the host, provides the latest news, tips and tricks, and references.

  • CSS List. Learn CSS by example by tour sites that use XHTML / CSS for their Web sites without utilizing tables.

  • Website Tips. Resource for tips, tutorials, articles, and resources for building Web sites including tools and software.

  • A List Apart. Web design magazine that explores design, development, and content for Web sites with focus on techniques and Web standards.

  • Digital Web Magazine. Online magazine with articles, tutorials, software and book reviews, and interviews relating to Web design.