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Graphic Designer

Last updated Oct 17, 2003.

Graphic designers in Web development work with images, color, type, and other visual elements to ensure they support the site's message. Graphic designers might create the user interface for the Web site or application. They could also be responsible for creating the wireframes, storyboards, and prototypes.

The ability to translate multiple requirements from different teams into visual images is key to this job. Not only does the designer need to convert the requirements into reality, but he must also push teams into accepting a design in order to keep site production on schedule.

Employers looking to fill this role may ask for experience with developing interfaces for certain types of applications such as Java, JSP, ASP, and PHP. They may also request a person who understands HTML, XHTML, and CSS. Building a portfolio of related work is important to anyone who wants to build a career as a graphic designer. Those desiring to become a designer could get a degree that includes courses related to design, art, marketing, typography, illustration, and general project management.