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Last updated Oct 17, 2003.

  • Absolute Beginner's Guide to Networking (Que, 2001, ISBN: 0789725452), by Joe Habraken. Although the book's main focus is on networking, it offers an entire section (III) on t-carrier system, dial-up and dedicated connections, remote access, FTP (File Transfer Protocol), DNS (domain name system), getting a domain name and IP addresses, and Web site hosting. (Preview this book on Safari.)

  • Apache: The Definitive Guide, 3rd Edition, by Ben Laurie and Peter Laurie (O'Reilly, 2002). This book is responsible for my learning how to install, modify, and use Apache software. Apache looks scary, but if you start small, it's amazing how a few simple changes can make a Web site work better and accomplish a few neat tricks. (Preview this book on Safari.)

  • SSH: The Secure Shell: The Definitive Guide, by Daniel J. Barrett, Ph.D. and Richard Silverman (O'Reilly, 2001). Though SSH is covered only briefly in this guide, those ready to make the leap into the world of SSH will get the basics and learn to maintain SSH, configure clients, and solve problems with SSH. It's not just for administrators. (Preview this book on Safari.)