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Faruk Ateş

Last updated Oct 17, 2003.

Faruk Ateş is a Web Kaizen Specialist, focusing on accessibility and the continuous improvement and innovation of websites and applications. As an all-aspects-of-Web consultant, Faruk aims to improve the overall quality of websites by introducing better principles and techniques to not only developers, designers and content producers, but also to educators and project managers.

Faruk started his own web consultancy and production company, KuraFire Creations, in hopes of making his ideas and projects come to life while at the same time educating people on the importance of standards-based development and techniques. His ideas and projects include technologies like FACE, an innovative new approach to giving life to static websites.

In his spare time, Faruk enjoys music, photography, doing volunteer work at a local radio station and playing with his two cats, Neko and Buranshe, who have been given Japanese names thanks to Faruk's strong interests in all things Japan.