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Last updated Oct 17, 2003.

  • Molly Holzschlag has been influential in straightening out my mark up speak, and here she speaks about one of her biggest annoyances.

  • While writing this, I came across Lachy's blog entry of HTML tags.

  • MonitorCentral and MetaValidator — The two Java-based applications check for Section 508 violations, WC3 standards compliance, Meta Tag content validation, broken links, spelling errors, and out-of-date pages. It'll also tidy the markup for HTML and XHTML. To get started, you need to enter a domain name and folder. This is probably the hardest part of the process, but the help file explains how to do this on a Web server as well as on a local hard drive. The two programs are valuable, though not intuitive so patience and reading docs is probably necessary. Those familiar with Tidy will want to check out these programs.

  • The World Wide Web Consortium. The mother lode of all things markup, the W3C is the standards body for HTML, XHTML, CSS, and other Web-related languages and activities. Extensive in origin, the documents here can be difficult to get through because they tend to be highly technical. However, there is no more authoritative body on the Web when it comes to the issues discussed here. At the very least, drop by the site from time to time to get a sense as to how languages are changing and progressing.

  • The W3C Validator. This is an excellent place to validate your documents.

  • The Web Standards Project (WaSP). The WaSP Web site contains up-to-date news as to all things markup and Web standards.

  • Character Entities (WaSP). A list of character entities allowed in HTML and XHTML.

  • Character Sets (WaSP). A discussion about the management of character sets.

  • This is a well-structured and indexed XHTML 1.1 Reference. It covers XHTML in detail with explanations of structure and the elements.