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Of Special Note: Web Standards Evangelism

Last updated Oct 17, 2003.

By Molly Holzschlag

Because of the difficulties found within the oft-confusing environment of Web standards, a few important grass roots groups have come to the forefront, working to evangelize Web standards as well as liaise directly with the W3C, software and browser vendors, and Web designers and developers to promote the use of software.

The most prevalent group of this nature is the Web Standards Project (WaSP). This project has had tremendous success in the past in encouraging browsers to work toward conformance as well as influencing the standards compliance within at least one widely used software product: Macromedia Dreamweaver. This year, WaSP brought in some new members and has come up with initiatives to better educate designers and developers as well as the public about Web standards.

Another group interested in Web standards is MACCAWS (Making a Commercial Case for Adopting Web Standards). MACCAWS focuses on gathering case studies that show how money can be saved by those companies employing Web standards.

Along with these two grass roots groups are numerous supportive individuals within the Web design and development community. There are a wide range of Web sites dedicated to aspects of Web standards, with many individuals evangelizing and reporting on the progress and adoption of such standards. For more information on WaSP and MACCAWS, please see the Web Sites section below.