Web Design


Last updated Jan 1, 2004.

By Meryl Evans

Content isn't just for online magazines and newspapers. E-commerce sites have content. How else would you get attracted to products that aren't in your mind when you surf to an e-store? How about communicating with family, friends, and co-workers via e-mail? How about reading product reviews? Oh, not to forget, there's that temptress of a product description that tries luring you into buying.

The famous online garage sale and flea market, eBay, couldn't succeed without content. Sellers write attention-grabbing titles for their wares to draw in people. Once the prospects enter, sellers hit the potential buyers with a sales pitch, or product details, describing its beauty. Stories have circulated about talented sellers who write funny descriptions and they're successful in selling. Those providing little information and no accompanying product photo leave too much to mystery and distrust, losing the chance to earn higher bids. One clever person proves the value of photos and the importance of listing product specifics. He bids on items that without a photo and turns around to sell said item with a photo. Apparently, he's doing well enough to make it a full-time job.