Web Design

Careers in Web Design

Last updated Jan 1, 2004.

By Meryl Evans

A mere 10 years ago, many of today's job titles relating to working on Web sites didn't exist. Undoubtedly, new job titles will continue cropping up every year. Small design shop employees play a general role because they do a little bit of everything and don't have the resources to implement fancy technology and systems. Large shops, in contrast, hire people to do a specific role to the finest detail.

Whether new to designing or doing it for fun, it's never too late to leap into a Web design job. Colleges, universities, and professional schools offer classes, certification, and degrees in Web development. However, many in Web design jobs are self-taught and few have a formal education in the subject.

Software, hardware, and other technologies change faster than the four years it takes to get a college degree. Learning through books and online resources is effective and cheaper than school, plus you work at the level that is right for you. This is not to say school is bad (never!), as many professionals occasionally take formal classes. In the case of Web design, many designers are successful without using outside help and catching a class here and there.