Web Design

Intellectual Property for Web Designers

Last updated Jan 1, 2004.

By Meryl Evans

The Internet and related technologies such as the Web and Peer-to-Peer networking have become a hotbed of legal concerns. With new technologies come new gray areas of law. Add to that the fact that the Internet is a global environment, and you can begin to understand how complex defining legal issues, creating case precedence, and developing new laws or new approaches to law can be.

This section of the Guide will look at Intellectual Property issues of immediate concern to the Web designer working in the United States. References for other countries are included in the Resource section as well, but because of the differences from country to country this guide focuses primarily on Intellectual Property as it is dealt with in the U.S.

Of course, you must take this section as informational and educational rather than as any sort of legal advice. The guidelines and recommendations here, although reviewed for accuracy, are not to be substituted for counsel. If you have a legal concern, please consult an attorney.