Web Design

Kris Hadlock

Last updated Jun 23, 2006.

Kris Hadlock has been a contract web developer and designer since 1996. He has worked on projects for companies such as IKEA, United Airlines, JP Morgan Chase, Pfizer, Thomson Corporation, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, GoDaddy Software, Fire Mountain Gems, and many more.

He is the author of Ajax for Web Application Developers (Sams) and a featured columnist and writer for numerous web sites and design magazines, including Peachpit.com, .net magazine, Practical Web Design magazine (PWD), webreference.com and AjaxWorld magazine.

Kris is also the founder of www.studiosedition.com, a web firm specializing in custom web application design and development strategies and the co-founder of www.UpDownRepeat.com, host of design and development seminars.