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CorelDRAW 9 for Windows: Visual QuickStart Guide, 3rd Edition

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CorelDRAW 9 for Windows: Visual QuickStart Guide, 3rd Edition


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  • Shaded sidebars.
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  • Copyright 1999
  • Dimensions: 7" x 9"
  • Pages: 336
  • Edition: 3rd
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-201-35451-9
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-201-35451-5

Popular among home and business users alike, CorelDRAW is a complete set of tools for creating drawings, illustrations, and multipage documents. With version 9's powerful new features and redesigned interface, you can produce anything from birthday cards to design plans to Web sites. Whether you've depended on CorelDRAW for years or have never used an art program before, you'll find exactly what you need to get right to work in CorelDRAW 9 for Windows: Visual QuickStart Guide.

The book is divided into concise, clearly tabbed sections, each of which builds on previously discussed topics. Thanks to its step-by-step instructions and bountiful screenshots, newcomers to the program will be up and drawing right away. And CorelDRAW veterans will find CorelDRAW 9: VQS a handy reference guide to learning the latest features and discovering new techniques for creating amazing effects.

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Table of Contents

1. The Basics.

CorelDraw 9. What's New in CorelDraw 9?. The way CorelDraw 9 Works. The CorelDraw 9 Screen. Menus. Large Menus and Dialog Boxes. Keyboard Shortcuts. Toolbars. The Property Bar. The Status Bar. The Toolbox. The Zoom Tool: Zooming In, Zooming Out. The Pan Tool. What are Special Projects? Viewing a Document. Desktop Power Tools: Dockers. Getting Help. Some Terms You Should Know. Hardware Considerations.

2. Startup.

Launch CorelDraw 9. Create a Shortcut to CorelDraw 9. The Welcome Screen. Start a New Document. Start a New Document Using a Template. Open an Existing Document. Save Your Work. Save a Copy of a File. Import a File. Export a Drawing. File Extensions. Close a Document. Set Backup Options. Restore a Corrupted File. Exit CorelDraw 9.

3. Rectangles and Ellipses.

Paths, Objects, and Properties. Draw a Rectangle. Round the Corners of a Rectangle. Create an Ellipse. Change an Ellipse to a Pie Shape or Arc. Change Ellipse Tool Defaults.

4. Select, Move, and Size.

Select an Object. Select Multiple Objects by Clicking. Select Multiple Objects by Dragging (Marquee Select). Select all Objects on a Page. Deselect an Object. Move an Object. Copy an Object. Duplicate an Object. Use Smart Duplication. Clone an Object. Duplicate and Clone Settings. View the same drawing in Two Windows. View Two Different Documents at the same Time. Copy an Object between Documents. Move an Object from One Document to Another. Handles and Scaling. Change an Object's Width. Change an Object's Height. Proportionally Change Width and Height. Proportionally Scale an Object. Delete an Object.

5. Polygons, Stars, and Spirals.

Create a Polygon. Set a Polygon's Number of Sides. Draw a star. Create a Polygon as Star. Create a Symmetrical Spiral. Draw a Logarithmic Spiral. More about Spirals.

6. Nodes and Paths.

Smooth, Symmetrical, and Cusp Nodes. Convert an Object to Curves. Select a node. Select multiple nodes. Make a straight line Curved. Make a Curved Line Straight. Special Project: Create a Heart. Convert a Smooth Node to a Cusp Node. Move a Node. Move a Control Point. Manually Add a Node to a Path. Automatically add a node to a line. Delete a node from a Path. Break a Curve or Break Apart a Node. Join Two Nodes Together. Join Two Nodes with a Straight Line. Directly Manipulate an Object's Path. Special Project: Make Waves.

7. Lines and Curves.

Freehand Tool: Draw a Straight Line; Constrain a Straight Line to an Angle; Draw a Curved Line; Erase Part of a Line as You Draw; Create a Closed Object. Bezier Tool: Draw a Straight Line; Create a Closed Object; Create a Curved Line. Special Project: Draw a Flag. The Outline Tool Fly-out and Outline Pen Dialog Box. Change Line Thickness. Change the Line Style. Add Arrowheads to a Line. Create a Custom Arrowhead. Change an Arrowheads Shape or Size. Give a Line the Appearance of Calligraphy. Knife Tool: Cut with a Straight Line; Cut Using a Freehand Line; Eraser Tool: Erase Part of an Object;. Change the Size or Shape of the Erased Area. Artistic Media Tool: Access the Different Modes; Draw a Preset Curve; Draw a Brush Curve; Draw a Sprayer Curve; Draw a Calligraphy Curve; Draw a Pressure Curve; Apply a Mode to an Existing Curve.

8. Page and Document Setup.

Set Page Size and Orientation. Change the Unit of Measure for the Current Document. Add Pages to a Document. Delete a Page from a Document. Delete a Range of Pages. Move between Pages. View Document Information.

9. Tools for Precision.

Rulers. Move the Zero Point. Change the Default Unit of Measure. Remove Rulers from view. Move Rulers to a New Position. Guidelines. Add Guidelines to a Page. Angle a Guideline. Move a Guideline. Remove a Guideline. Remove all Guidelines. Turn on Snap To Guidelines. Setup a Grid. Turn on Snap To Grid. The Status Bar. Make the Status Bar Bigger. Change Information on the Status Bar. Align Objects. Types of Alignment.

10. Color and Fills.

Close an Object's Path. Fill Objects with a Uniform Color. Change the Outline Color of Objects. Remove the Fill from an Object. Remove the Outline Color. View the Pop-up Color Palette. Eyedropper Tool: Sample Fills and Outlines. Paintbucket Tool: Fill an Object. Add Outline Color. Display a Different Color Set in the Color Palette. World Wide Web Color Palettes. What are Color Models?. Color Matching Systems. Use the Uniform Fill Dialog Box. Create Custom Colors. Add a Linear Fountain Fill to an Object. Change the Type of Fountain Fill. Change the Fountain Fill Colors. Move the Start Color and End Color. Add Intermediate Colors. Add a Two-color Pattern Fill. Add a full Color or Bitmap Pattern Fill. Create a Custom Pattern Fill. Add a Texture Fill to an Object. Interactive Mesh Fill Tool: Fill an Object with Color. Move the Mesh or Its Nodes.

11. Working with Text.

Artistic and Paragraph Text. Add Artistic Text. Add Paragraph Text. Convert Artistic Text to Paragraph Text. Convert Paragraph Text to Artistic Text. Edit Artistic or Paragraph Text. Change Fonts. Change Font Size Using the Format Text Dialog Box. Change Font Size Using Handles. Format Individual Characters. Change Justification. Automatic Kerning. Manual Kerning. Automatically Set Leading. Manually Set Leading. Import Text. Reshape Paragraph Text. Flow Text between Paragraph Text Frames. Flow Paragraph Text onto a Path. Flow Paragraph Text into an Object. Make Text Flow around an Object. Add Bullets to Paragraph Text. Add a Drop Cap to Paragraph Text.

12. Fun with Text.

Text as a Design Element. Skew Text. Rotate Text. Free Transform and Free Rotation Tools. Free Skew Tool. Create Text shadows using Duplication. Interactive Drop Shadow Tool: Create Drop Shadows. Change Drop Shadow Color. Fit Artistic Text to a Path. Fit Existing Text to a Path. Vector and Bitmap Extrusions. Vector Extrusions: Create a Vector Extrusion. Add Color to a Vector Extrusion. Add a Fill and Bevel. Add Lighting Effects. Bitmap Extrusions: Create a Bitmap Extrusion. Add Spot Lights. Add a Texture and Bevel. Rotate Vector or Bitmap Extrusions. Modify Character Shape. Special Project: The Neon Effect.

13. Layers.

Stacking Order. Bring an Object to the Front. Position an Object in Front of an Object. Bring an Object forward One Object. Move an Object behind all Objects. Position an Object behind an Object. Move an Object back One Object. The Object Manager Docker. Open the Object Manager Docker. Create a New Layer. Change the Current Layer. Change a Layer's Settings. Change Grid or guideline Color. Reorder Layers. Move an Object between Layers. Copy an Object to a Different Layer. Delete a Layer. Special Project: Set Up a Newsletter.

14. Transformations.

Group Objects. Ungroup Objects. Ungroup all Objects on a Page. Lock Objects. Unlock an Object. Unlock all Objects on a Page. Rotate an Object. Weld Objects together. Create a Black/white Graphic Using the Combine Command. Break Objects Apart. Mirror an Object Horizontally. Mirror an Object Vertically. Scale an Object. Special Project: The Woodcut Effect.

15. Special Effects.

Interactive Envelope Tool: Shape an Object with an Envelope. Apply a Preset Envelope. Add a Mapping Mode. Special Project: Shape an Envelope Like an Object. Interactive Blend Tool: Blend Two Objects Together. Create a Multiple Blend. Add Perspective to an Object. Create an Object Defined by Its Shadow. Powerclip Two Objects. Create a Transparency with the Interactive Transparency Tool. Interactive Distortion Tool Create a Push or Pull Distortion. Create a Zipper Distortion. Create a Twister Distortion. Interactive Contour Tool. Add Contours to an Object. Change the Number of Steps. Change Contour Line Width. Add a Lens Effect to a Graphic. Special Project: Making Drawings Move.

16: Symbols, Clipart, and Bitmaps.

Add Symbols to a Document. Create a Custom Symbol. Import Clipart. Import Bitmaps. Convert a Vector Drawing to a Bitmap. Auto-trace a Bitmap. Convert a Bitmap from One Color Model to Another. Make a Bitmap Look like an Impressionist Painting. Add Noise to a Bitmap. Create a Vignette. Bitmap Filter Effects. Digital Cameras and Your Photos Set the Make and Model of Your Camera; Download a Photo; Adjust the Brightness and Contrast; Adjust the Hue and Saturation.

17. CorelDraw 9 and the Web.

Change the Rulers to Pixels. Set Resolution. Help with Web design. Load Browser Colors into the Color Palette. Add a Background Color or Tiled Image. Good Web Site and Page Design. Give a Page a Title. Make Text HTML Compatible. Special Fonts and Your Web Pages. The.Jpg and.Gif File Formats. Display the Internet Objects Toolbar. Access the Object Properties Dialog Box. More Information about Creating Web Pages. Downloading the Latest Browsers. Assign a Bookmark. Link to a Bookmarked Object. Create a Hyperlink. Check for HTML Conflicts. Export Your CorelDraw 9 Web Pages.

18. Printing.

Print a Document. Print more Than One Copy of a Document. Setting Page Ranges. Viewing the Area That will Print. Print Specific Pages or Objects. Scale a Printout. Tile a Printout. Select a Different Printer. Set a Different Page Size and Orientation for a Printer. Add Crop and Registration Marks and File Information. Proofing Options. Create Color Separations. How does Offset Printing Work?. Generate a PostScript (.Ps) file. Generate an Encapsulated PostScript (.Eps) File. Display the Preflight panel. Open Print Preview. Scale a Drawing in Print Preview. Use Print Preview to Position the Drawing on the Printed Page. Zoom in or out in Print Preview. Display the Mini Preview.

Appendix A. Fonts & Clipart in This Book.

Appendix B. The CorelDraw 9 Graphics.


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