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Descriptive Geometry, 9th Edition

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Descriptive Geometry, 9th Edition


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  • Presents the fundamentals of descriptive geometry in a series of small, pedagogically sound units to complement typical daily in-class sessions:
    • Uses a simplified organization that divides content into relatively short, homogeneous chapters and that follows the organization of the author's Descriptive Geometry Worksheets, Series A and B, in which new principles are introduced in order of need as well as of difficulty. Pg.___

  • Provides step-by-step solution illustrations to make the construction easy to follow, and provides solutions in pictorial form whenever possible. Pg.___
  • Focuses on applications that illuminate fundamentals and introduce new engineering experiences. Pg.___
  • Gives all quantitative information in metric units. Pg.___
  • Contains an entire chapter of condensed review material and problems — the solutions of which entail combinations of principles. Pg.___
  • Features abstract, laboratory, practical, and (when appropriate) computer problems at the end of each chapter. Pg.___
    • Contains numerous pictorial projects designed to reinforce related orthographic principles, and to help students develop their depth perception and visualization ability — which are essential to creative design. Pg.___

    • Presents problems in layout form exactly as they are to be reproduced on the drawing paper. Pg.___

    • Includes computer graphic problems and projects that use both BASIC and FORTRAN — and that may be solved on both mainframe and personal computers. Pg.___

  • Contains a completely revised set of full-size self- assessment problems/projects at the end of each chapter. Pg.___
    • Projects may be solved directly in the text. Pg.___

    • Provides carefully delineated solutions in an appendix. Pg.___

  • Adds practical problems that students must set up before finding the solutions. Pg.___


  • Copyright 1997
  • Edition: 9th
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-02-391341-X
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-02-391341-9

In this book the author has fulfilled the need for a descriptive geometry textbook in which the fundamentals are presented in the same pedagogically sound units of work, as they are usually introduced in daily presentation.

Sample Content

Table of Contents

 1. Orthographic Projection.

 2. Primary Auxiliary Views.

 3. Lines.

 4. Planes.

 5. Successive Auxiliary Views.

 6. Piercing Points.

 7. Intersection of Planes.

 8. Angle Between Planes.

 9. Parallelism.

10. Perpendicularity.

11. Angle Between Line and Oblique Plane.

12. Mining and Civil Engineering Problems.

13. Revolution.

14. Vectors.

15. Plane Tangencies.

16. Intersections of Planes with Solids.

17. Developments.

18. Intersections of Surfaces.

19. Shades and Shadows.

20. Perspective Projection.

21. Conics.

22. Map Projection.

23. Spherical Triangles.

24. Review.

25. Computer Graphics Projects.

Appendix A: Graphical Accuracy.

Appendix B: Geometric Constructions.

Appendix C: Classification of Geometric Forms.

Appendix D: Solutions of Self-Testing Problems.



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