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  • Copyright 2003
  • Edition: 1st
  • eBook (Adobe DRM)
  • ISBN-10: 0-321-16972-7
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-321-16972-3

Master the essential day-in and day-out Photoshop production techniques with this definitive resource from best-selling authors David Blatner and Bruce Fraser. The authors place a dual emphasis on efficiency and getting the best quality possible out of Photoshop. You'll learn everything you need to know about color management, getting great scans, tonal and color correction, prepress and the Web, and working with Photoshop selections and silhouettes. Real World Adobe Photoshop 7 is copiously illustrated with completely revised screenshots and loaded with time-saving tips and shortcuts that will not only allow you to produce better results, but to do so faster than you ever thought possible.

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Table of Contents

(NOTE: Table of Contents not finalized at time of printing.)


Ask Your Printer. The Depth of Understanding. How the Book is Organized. A Word to Windows (and Mac OS 9) Users. Thank You!

1. Building a Photoshop System: Putting It All Together.

Hardware. The Power of Photoshop.

2. Essential Photoshop Tips and Tricks: Making Photoshop Fly.

Upgrading to a New Version. Windows. Navigation. Moving Pixels. Dialog Boxes. Tools. Palettes. Preferences. When Things Go Wrong. Easter Eggs. The World of Photoshop.

3. Image Essentials: It's All Zeros and Ones.

Words, Words, Words. Bitmapped Images. Resolution. How Much Is Enough? Terms of Resolution. Resampling. Image Size Dialog Box. Image Mode. Bitmaps and File Size. Billions and Billions of Bits.

4. Color Essentials: What Makes a Color.

Primary Colors. The Color Wheel. How Colors Affect Each Other. Device-Independent Color. Color Relationships at a Glance. Working with Colors.

5. Color Settings: Configuring Photoshop's Color Engine.

Controlling Color. Color Management Systems Explained. Color Management in Photoshop. Photoshop Color Management at a Glance. The Conceptual Framework. Photoshop 7 and the Monitor. Creating a Consistent Environment. LCD Monitors. Evaluating Your Monitor. Mac OS X and Profiles. Color Settings. How White are your Whites? Printing to Desktop Printers. Choosing a CMYK Working Space. Canned versus Custom Profiles. Dot Gain: Coping with Midtone Spread. Choosing a Gray Working Space. Spot Spaces. Color Management Policies. Color Settings Advanced Mode. Black Is Black (or Is It?). Applying Profiles Outside Color Settings. Soft-Proofing Controls. CIE Limitations and Soft Proofing. Converting at Print Time. Isolating Variables.

6. Tonal Correction: Stretching and Squeezing the Bits.

Stretching and Squeezing the Bits. Difference is Detail: Tonal-Correction Issues. Tonal-Correction Tools. The histogram. The Info Palette. The Nonlinear Advantage. Levels and Curves. Levels. Input Levels. Curves. White Points and Black Points and Grays, Oh My! The Math Behind the Eyedroppers. Tonal Correction in Practice. Tonal Magic.

7. Color Correction: Thinking in RGB and CMYK.

Changing Modes and Losing Information. RGB versus CMYK. CMYK Myths. Image Correction and Targeting. Color-Correction Tools. The Color Balance Command. Interpreting RGB and CMYK Values. Truth in Imaging. Color Correction in Practice. Are All Color Casts Bad? Correcting an Old Photo CD Image. Color is Personal.

8. The Digital Darkroom: Photographic Techniques in Photoshop.

Adjustment Layer Basics. Using Adjustment Layers. History and Virtual Layers. Darkroom Experiments.

9. Sharpening.

10. Spot Colors and Duotones.

11. Line Art.

12. Image Capture.

13. Selections.

14. Essential Image Techniques.

15. Storing Images.

16. Output Methods.

17. Multimedia and the Web.


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