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Mac OS X Advanced: Visual QuickPro Guide

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Mac OS X Advanced: Visual QuickPro Guide


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  • Task-based—Information is broken down into concise, one- and two-page tasks.
    • Allows students to learn the most important features of Mac OS X and get right to work on any project. Ex.___

  • Step-by-Step—Numbered, easy-to-follow instructions.
    • Succinct numbered instructions provide a logical approach to learning tasks. Ex.___

  • Visual Reference—Plenty of screen shots illustrate the step-by-step instructions.
    • Visually demonstrates and reinforces the instructions for a particular task as the students work at their computers. Ex.___

  • Quick-Reference Tabs—Tabs on each page identify the task.
    • Easy for the instructors and students to find particular tasks and the format makes this text useful after the course ends. Ex.___

  • Shaded sidebars.
    • Calls attention to important features and additional helpful information. Ex.___

  • Tips.
    • Highlighted tips throughout the book offer author advice, timesaving shortcuts, and pointers for students who want to further their understanding of Mac OS X. Ex.___

  • Industry-Leading Author—Maria Langer is the author of dozens of computer books, including best-selling Visual QuickStart Guides. A columnist for Mac Today and FileMaker Pro Advisor, she also writes for Mac Addict and other publications.
    • Many of Peachpit's Visual QuickStart and Visual QuickPro authors are industry-leading teachers, writers, and designers, providing students with expert, professional training. Ex.___


  • Copyright 2002
  • Dimensions: 7 X 9
  • Pages: 312
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-201-74577-1
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-201-74577-1

Designed for more experienced users who know the basics of file management and working with the Macintosh desktop, Mac OS X Advanced: Visual QuickPro Guide provides more advanced information in an accessible format. Veteran Macintosh columnist and author Maria Langer shows readers the basics of OS X, including networking and telecommunications, security, fine-tuning functionality, customizing Mac OS X, working with OS X server, and more. The Visual QuickPro Guide format offers an easy, visual approach to teaching Mac OS X, using plenty of pictures and concise, straightforward commentary.


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Table of Contents

Introduction to Mac OS X.

New Features. Mac OS X Components.

1. Mac OS X Basics.

2. Using Application Services.

Disk Copy. Grab. Mail. Make Sticky. TextEdit.

3. Mac OS X Utilities.

Apple System Profiler. Applet Launcher. ColorSync Utility. Disk Copy. Disk Utility. Display Calibrator. Grab. Installer. Console. Terminal. CPU Monitor. Process Viewer.

4. Security & Multiple Users.

Security & Multiple Users. Keychain Access. Multiple Users. PowerBook Security.

5. Networking & Telecomm.

Networking & Telecommunications. Network Setup. Connecting to Another Computer. Sharing Files with Others. Setting Privileges. Icons & Windows of Shared Items. Network Locations. NetInfo Manager. Network Utility. Directory Setup. Remote Access.

6. Mac OS X Server.

7. AppleScript.

8. QuickTime Pro.

QuickTime Updater. Using QuickTime.

9. iTools.

iTools. Email. KidSafe. iDisk. HomePage.

10. iTunes.

11. iMovie.

12. iDVD.

13. Customizing Mac OS X.

Finder Preferences. View Options. The Toolbar. The Dock.

14. Setting System Preferences.

Classic. ColorSync. Date & Time. Displays. Dock. Energy Saver. General. International. Internet. Keyboard. Login. Mouse. Network. Password. QuickTime. Screen Saver. Sharing. Software Update. Sound. Speech. Startup Disk. Users.

Appendix A: Menus & Keyboard Equivalents.


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