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Interface Design for Learning: An Interview with Dorian Peters
Instructional designer and author Julie Dirksen interviews Dorian Peters, author of Interface Design for Learning: Design Strategies for Learning Experiences, about the importance of interface design for learning, how it differs from typical web interface design, and some of her favorite learning interfaces.
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By Julie Dirksen, Dorian PetersFeb 6, 2014
Joe CasabonaWhy You Need Responsive Design for Your WordPress Site
In 2013, over 50% of e-commerce traffic was mobile. In 2014, one quarter of new websites will be powered by WordPress. Joe Casabona, author of Responsive Design with WordPress: How to make great responsive themes and plugins, explains why implementing responsive web design on your WordPress site is so important, and not as hard as you might think!
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By Joe CasabonaJan 30, 2014
Steve KrugAnimal, Vegetable, or Mineral? Steve Krug on Why Users Like Mindless Choices
We face choices all the time on the Web. Steve Krug explains that making those choices mindless is one of the most important things you can do to make a site easy to use.
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By Steve KrugJan 27, 2014
Joe CasabonaMaking Your WordPress Theme Responsive: Core Features
This chapter looks at some of the core features of WordPress instrumental to a good User Experience, including navigation, images, and widgets.
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By Joe CasabonaJan 13, 2014

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Nancy Aldrich-RuenzelFind your Creative Edge
Imagine getting online access 24/7 to every topic we publish for creative people—including videos, books, books in progress (via Rough Cuts), shorter topics (through Short Cuts), and rich-media e-books.

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By Nancy Aldrich-RuenzelCommentsApril 5, 2010
Topics: Apple,Digital Audio, Video,Adobe Creative Suite,Voices that Matter,Digital Photography,Publisher's Notes,Design,Voices That Matter,Gadgets and Digital Lifestyle,Web video and audio,Adobe,Web Design & Development,Adobe Photoshop,Productivity
Nancy Aldrich-RuenzelWhy is content strategy so late to the party?
When I sat in on Kristina Halvorson's session, titled "Content Strategy for the Web" at our most recent New Riders Voices That Matter Web Design Conference here in San Francisco, I was blown away by several things: 1. how late to the party this key topic has been to Internet discourse; 2. how little this topic is understood; and 3. most tragic, how few have started using it yet. But her talk convinced me that this area is about to explode and Website stakeholders are finally starting to get it.
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By Nancy Aldrich-RuenzelCommentsSeptember 3, 2009
Topics: Usability,Best Practices,Voices that Matter,Publisher's Notes,Peachpit Commons,Design,Voices That Matter,Web Design & Development
Laura RossYes We Did! Twitterview Transcript with @RahafHarfoush and @Peachpit

On Thursday, June 25, @Peachpit and @RahafHarfoush threw down for a live, full-hour Twitterview about the Obama campaign’s use of social media. Check out the transcript and suggest the next Twitterview author!

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By Laura RossCommentsJune 30, 2009
Topics: Voices that Matter,Design,Voices That Matter,Branding/Marketing
Nancy Aldrich-RuenzelGone is the designer/developer divide

In a recent conversation with the authors of A Project Guide to UX Design—Russ Unger and Carolyn Chandler—we chatted at some length about the various roles on a Web team, both best case and worst case. (Here’s the full interview.)

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By Nancy Aldrich-RuenzelCommentsJune 18, 2009
Topics: Adobe AIR,Adobe Dreamweaver,Best Practices,Adobe ColdFusion,PHP/MySQL/Scripting,Voices that Matter,Adobe Flex,Publisher's Notes,Peachpit Commons,Design,Voices That Matter,Web Design & Development,HTML/XHTML,Ajax and JavaScript,ActionScript

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