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You can organize your email messages using the general techniques presented in Chapters 3 and 4. For example, those chapters show how you can create new folders for storing messages and how you can copy or move messages from one folder to another.

Chapter 3 (the section "Using the Organize Page") explained in general how to use the Organize Page to organize your Outlook items. In a mail-item folder, the Organize Page (Figure 6.53) provides several unique features for organizing and managing messages:

  • You can have Outlook move a message to a specified folder.

  • You can have Outlook color-code messages from or to a particular person. The messages will be displayed in your Inbox using the color you specify.

  • Figure 6.53Figure 6.53 Displaying the Organize Page in the Inbox folder.


When you're done using the Organize Page, you can remove it by clicking the Close Organize button in the upper-right corner of the page.

The Rules Wizard provides much greater flexibility for creating rules than the Organize Page, but the Organize Page is generally easier for novices to use to create rules. See the section, "Using the Rules Wizard to have Outlook sort adult-content email," later in this chapter to learn more about the Rules Wizard.

To quickly create a rule from an existing message, right-click the message and choose Create Rule. Outlook displays a Create Rule dialog box in which you specify the conditions for the rule and the action you want the rule to take. This method provides a limited number of conditions and actions, but is great for quickly creating rules to move or notify you about messages that fit the specified conditions.

To move a message:

  1. In a mail-item folder, select a message you want Outlook to move.

  2. Choose Tools > Organize to open the Organize Page.

  3. Click Using Folders to display the folder options (Figure 6.54).

  4. Figure 6.54Figure 6.54 The folder options on the Organize Page.

  5. Select a message and click Move (Figure 6.55).

  6. Figure 6.55Figure 6.55 Moving a message.

To have Outlook color-code messages for a particular person:

  1. In a mail-item folder, select a message from or to the person whose messages you want Outlook to color-code.

  2. You must open a mail-item folder, but selecting a message is optional, because you can later type the name.

  3. Choose Tools > Organize to open the Organize Page.

  4. Click Using Colors to display the color-coding options (Figure 6.56).

  5. Figure 6.56Figure 6.56 The color-coding options on the Organize Page.

  6. Use the Color Messages fields to describe the color-coding you want Outlook to perform (Figure 6.56).

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