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Friday, February 13: Ultimate Gaming Machine 6.0

Roman Loyola

In case you're not familiar with the Ultimate Gaming Machine (UGM, for short—we pronounce it "ugh-um" on the show), it's a PC we've put together for the best gaming performance and experience.

Core Components

We didn't go for the most expensive, fastest parts. Instead, we considered price as well as performance. Here's a parts list:


Storage gets more affordable every day, so why hold back? What might seem gluttonous now will be the norm in six months.

Optional Hardware

Although we didn't include the following items in UGM, we did consider them and had them in for benchmarking:

  • Hard drive: Fujitsu MAN3367MP ( A 36.7GB SCSI drive rated at 10,000 rpm.

  • SCSI card: Adaptec 29160 SCSI card ( A single-channel Ultra160 SCSI card that uses a 64-bit PCI interface. This is for our Fujitsu drive, plus future expansion options.

Sound and Input Devices

People often try to save money when buying these components. But because gaming is an interactive activity, it makes better sense to get good input devices and sound components. When sound draws you in and the controls work smoothly, you've got a great gaming experience.

We picked products that offer good price and performance. Picking input devices comes down to how they feel in your hands, so what's comfortable to us might not work for you.


The video card is a crucial component for the gaming PC's performance. Here's what we picked:

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