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Enjoy the Scenery: Picture Tips for QuarkXPress 6

Eda Warren serves up a tasty dish of tips for importing, incorporating, and tweaking pictures in your Quark documents.
This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

If type is the King of Page Design, pictures are Queens. Everyone's probably had their fair share of all-text layouts. Formatting is tedious, and you work hard to make the page lively. But plunk down a few colored pictures—it's swing time! We've got tips here on how and what to import, fitting pictures to their boxes, cropping, and sizing multiple ways. And how to deal with scanned and digital images without killing image resolution. Those differences between bitmaps and vectors are profound with many prices to pay if you're not careful—the worst being fuzzy images and type! Then, lots of tips on picture effects, warping, making them negative, coloring them, faux duotones, and skewing. Tips on making clipping paths in Quark—we can finally see what we're doing with the new full-resolution preview for images and especially for imported EPS graphics! Finally, importing images to keep file size low and updating pictures. Here's a chapter you can really sink your teeth into. Happy imaging!

Did You Know You Can Import a PDF?

Yes, finally you can import a PDF into Quark and make one there also. To import, just use Get Picture and click the PDF Import tab at the bottom of the dialog, then enter the page number you want (if there's more than one). To export a file, go to File> Export> Layout as PDF. It's the PDF Filter, a Quark XTension that's on by default, which makes it so easy. You might find one day that it doesn't work, however, if you happened to turn it off in XTensions Manager or switched to a different XTensions set. Go check the XTensions Manager (Utilities menu). Click in the Enable column to turn it back on. But you'll have to relaunch Quark for the XTension to take effect.

Figure 6.1Figure 6.1

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