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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Graphics as Fun-House Mirrors

This is one of those weird effects—sizing a box and its picture together non-proportionally. You're more likely to use this one with an EPS graphic, not a TIFF. Photographic images, being snapshots of the "real world," usually require fidelity. But graphics are pure metaphor and rarely attempt to be realistic—and when they try to be, they usually fail miserably. The beauty of graphics is their boldness, their ability to make a point with impact by emphasizing the main thing. That makes them good subjects for non-proportional scaling, besides having no resolution issues to deal with. Go ahead, Cmd-drag or Ctrl-drag a handle of an imported true EPS. As you drag wide, the graphic, well, puts on weight. Drag it narrow, the graphic quickly loses it. Someone please Cmd-drag my hips—in!

Figure 6.12Figure 6.12

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