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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Faux Duotones #1

This spectacular and unusual effect is not a duotone. Think of duotones as images in which two inks, usually black and a spot color, are mixed together in some proportion. In a classic duotone, the image is a grayscale of that mixed color, going from white down to black, so it looks pretty realistic. By contrast, the faux duotone is like a grayscale image with a veil of flat color dropped on top. In essence, all the white in the image is replaced by the second color. This is easier to do in Quark than in Photoshop! First, set up your spot color in Edit> Colors (Shift-F12). Then import a grayscale TIFF image into a selected picture box. Now for the surprise finish—in the Colors palette, change the box background color to the spot color. Presto, your image is utterly transformed. For a softer look, use a tint of the background color.

Figure 6.15Figure 6.15

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