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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Full-Resolution Preview for Images

At last! Quark 6 gives you full-resolution preview. In the past, making clipping paths in Quark was for comping only, because how could you make an elegant edge from a 72dpi preview? Now images can be seen looking their best, even when you zoom in on them, assuming they're 225 to 300dpi. However, there is an uneasy twist—getting to the preview has two levels. First, go to Preferences (Cmd-Option-Shift-Y or Ctrl-Alt-Shift-Y), click Full Res Preview, an Application preference. Then uncheck Disable Full Resolution Previews on Open so that all your pictures will automatically import with the potential for hi-res preview. But if you have a lot of pictures, you might also want to check Selected Full Resolution Previews. If not, choose All Full Resolution Previews. Now, whether or not the picture displays at hi-res also depends on the View menu setting: Hide Full Res Previews. If this says Show instead, your imported pictures display at 72ppi. Finally, if you're not sure what resolution your pictures are at, just select one or more, then go to Item> Preview Resolution> Low or > Full Resolution, and make your choice.


See also "Full-Resolution Preview on the Fly" (next tip).

Figure 6.22Figure 6.22

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