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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Full-Resolution Preview on the Fly

Although full-resolution preview is a huge step forward, like most great things, moderation may be needed. Why? Let's say you're doing a product catalog or just have a lot of pictures. If they're all viewing at full strength, that could certainly slow down Quark's performance as you scroll, change views, or change pages. How about turning on the preview only when you need it? Go to preferences (Cmd-Option-Shift-Y or Ctrl-Alt-Shift-Y) and click the Full Res Preview preference under Application preferences. On the right, click Selected Full Resolution Previews under Display Full Resolution Preview. From now on, only pictures that you've selected preview at full res. Practical! Set the Full Res Preview for any image on import (or from Item> Preview Resolution> Full Resolution).


See also "Full-Resolution Preview for Images" (previous tip).

Figure 6.23Figure 6.23

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