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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Lower than Low—Keep That File Size Down

Ever do a product catalog? Or an annual report? When you import a lot of pictures into a Quark file—even though those representations on your page are low-res bitmaps (72dpi) linked to hi-res files on your drive—all those low-res bits add up and your Quark file can put on weight! Keep your file size down and speed up scrolling by importing those images at 36dpi. In the Get Picture dialog, select your picture file, then press Shift and click Open. (Mac users, keep pressing Shift until you see the image on your page.) Now that set of dots on your page, though not quite as clear, is adding only half the calories to your file size! The file on your hard drive is the same as it ever was.

Figure 6.24Figure 6.24

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