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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Update That Picture and Retain Cropping and Sizing

You've got a bunch of pictures on your page that have been sized, cropped, rotated, skewed, reversed, inverted, or whatever the heck you did to those things. And now many of them have newer versions (with the same filenames). Oh dear. If you use the Get Picture command, you'll have to first record the modifications you made to each picture so you can reenter them again (in the Measurements palette or image editing commands in the Style menu). But halt everything—spare yourself the grief. Instead, update all your images in Utilities> Usage, Picture tab (Option-F13/Mac or Shift-F2/Win) and everything you've done to those images is remembered. Just select the file or files in the list whose Status says Modified, then click Update. After getting your okay, Quark brings in the new and keeps the existing sizing, cropping, rotating, and whatever. You can relax.

Figure 6.26Figure 6.26

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