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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book


If you ever find yourself needing to model a glass slipper for a CG feature animation involving fairy tales (it HAS happened), there is no better way than using the wondrous Birail command. This example is intended to show how Birail can solve some particularly sticky topologies, such as a shoe, by effectively sweeping a changing profile across two guide rails. If you can conceptually break forms down into this scenario, it can work wonders. In this case, draw shoe profiles in the top and side views. Now extrude or loft the side profile curves so that there is a horizontal extrusion that passes over the top profiles. Project a top profile curve onto the extrusion using Edit NURBS, Project Curve on Surface tool. Now pick that Curve on Surface and copy it using Edit Curves, Duplicate Surface Curves. Do the same for the lower profile and attach the side profile curves to the newly created rails. Use Surfaces, Birail, Birail2 Tool to create one half of the shoe. Now use Edit, Duplicate with a negative 1 in the X Scale filed to mirror the other side, giving you a shoe fit for a princess.

Figure 3.11Figure 3.11

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