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iPhoto '08's Greatest Hits

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Apple’s new, improved iPhoto ’08 has a slew of new features that will change the way you work with photos on your Mac. Jim Heid, author of the upcoming The Macintosh iLife ’08, takes you on a tour of his favorite iPhoto improvements.
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It’s time to get a new iLife. Apple has released iLife ’08, the latest update to its personal digital media studio—and just in time to help us manage the thousands of photos and hours of video that we shot this summer.

I’ve been working with iLife ’08 for some time now, helping Apple to develop the video tutorials on Apple’s web site. With that done, I’m hard at work revising the next edition of <em>The Macintosh iLife</em>, the world’s top-selling book on iLife.

By now, you’re probably familiar with the high points of iLife ’08. (If you aren’t, you might want to watch the Guided Tour movie on Apple’s web site.) Rather than rehash those highlights here, I’m going to focus on what is by <em>far</em> the most popular member of the iLife band: iPhoto.

iPhoto ’08 glitters with enhancements in every area, from importing photos to organizing, enhancing, and sharing them. Here’s a grabbag of some of my favorite things.

Flexible Importing

With previous iPhoto versions, importing photos was an all-or-nothing proposition. iPhoto ’08 lets you be more selective. When you attach a camera (or an iPhone), iPhoto ’08 displays thumbnail images of its photos. To import just some photos instead of all of them, select the shots you want to import, then click the Import Selected button.

And if your camera contains photos that you’ve already imported, check the box labeled Hide Photos Already Imported. Those photos’ thumbnails will disappear from the Import pane, making it easier to determine which shots you want to bring in.

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